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We have a well-stocked library for all topics relevant to all exams, which will guide students for all academic inputs and keep them updated with current affairs. We cater to the love of knowledge and books here, so we keep them for the benefit of all students.


The Computer Centre is well equipped with modern computing facilities for students and researchers. Its information technology based learning solutions, multimedia experience, e-resources and high speed internet connectivity . Technical Assistant is available to ensure the efficient functioning of the system and learning process.


Guidance and motivation – We have a well-qualified and trained faculty, that are not only experts in their fields, but are good motivators as well. Faculty is rich in knowledge and will guide all students at every step and help them achieve success.


Personal Care of each individual is a unique feature of Manthan Classes. We understand that just subject knowledge is not enough for success in exams. In fact confidence & Motivation plays a vital role. Considering this fact, We conduct individual/group counseling and seminars to motivate our students. These session are organized with sole objective to motivate our students for their goal so that they can face the challenges of competition with full confidence and competency.


The best way to rate your performance beforehand and have a taste of the field you are about to set into is a Scholarship test. This way you already come into the cycle of learning and by scoring well earn yourself a scholarship that is going to shape your destiny.


Comprehensive web-based education module that is designed for fulfillment of knowledge and enhancing skills. Our goal is to provide a base of consistent, scientifically accepted format; and to test cognitive, decision-making, and technical skills, all with the goal of improving the quality of performance in the competitive exams our students are about to face.

Regular Assignments

Hard work is indispensable for competitive exam students. If you are intelligent, it is good, The teaching methodology of Manthan Classes is so designed that it puts you on a well planned path. But intelligence alone is not going to get you in government job. This automatically makes you to realize you maximum potential in a very motivating manner.

Daily Problem Practice Sheet(DPPS)

The DPPS system is an integral part of the Manthan Classes. After a concept class has been taken by the faculty, a set of 150/200 practice questions are given to students on the same concept, so that a student is able to grasp its practical applications. This has turned out to be an excellent revision medium for the students along with strengthening their fundamentals.

Regular Testing

Our Tests are designed in away to evaluate the student’s overall performance by the evaluations of the student’s performance we can pin point their weakness. This automatically realizes student’s maximum potentiality in a very motivation manner. The regular Objective and Subjective tests designed by the teachers of Manthan Classes.


These tests inculcate a sense of real exams, and give an idea to students of the real challenge ahead. It is the best way to prepare yourself for overall pattern and evaluate on time management skills.


The best way to prepare yourself for interview is to be at Manthan Classes and face our mock interviews. They will help students perform better, be more confident and be corrected on all technicalities much before they face the actual board.