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Mission and Vision

To educate and train the youth so as to make them successful and responsible officers,inspectors etc. govt. employees through UPSC, RPSC, SSC and Bank  exams and hence contributing to the growth of the state as well as the nation.

  • Increase students’ knowledge of academic success behaviors and habits
  • Professional End-in-Mind: To contribute beneficially to the professional and personal excellence of people and the systems they employ to manifest fulfilling lives.
  • Personal End-in-Mind: To seek out and participate enthusiastically in professional and personal synergistic crossings.
  • We focus on service to students as the core value of the Academic Success Center.
  • We exhibit an ethic of care in working with all students, staff, and faculty.
  • We honor the diversity of student identities, experiences, purposes, and learning styles.
  • We operate with a spirit of generosity in the exchange of expertise, knowledge, and resources
  • We value hopefulness and possibility.
  • We expect life balance and professional excellence.
We conduct our work through deep listening, creative problem solving, and collaboration